Goodbye Portland! Love, Anniebeth


i’m sitting here drinking coffee and eating an oatmeal chocolate chip muffin. every monday my friends make ’em and we all hang out and tell jokes and share stories and try to solve riddles. it’s superneat, and i highly recommend you start a “muffin monday” chapter in your very own town with your very own friends.

anyway, it was rainy earlier today in portland, oregon, but now the sun is out and the sky is blue with just some remaining wispy clouds, and i’m listening to the lovely breanna paletta and her pure voice coming through my tiny macbook speakers, and enjoying this coffee (the first i’ve had in weeks, since i cut out sugar before my half marathon that i ran yesterday, and, really, what’s the point of drinking coffee without sugar and cream?) and loving this city and thinking about all the wonderful people i’ve met here and writing terrible run-on sentences and really, really, enjoying this life.

which makes it all the more sad to say: i’m leaving this town.

i’ll be back, i promise. but for now, i am costa rica-and-then-california bound. i will be teaching again at pura vida adventures until february, and then finishing my new record in orange county. although i’ll miss the northwest, fun times are ahead for the southlands, that’s for sure.

for now, i’ve got one last show, and i’m not gonna lie: it’s guaranteed to max out your fun quota. i’ve got some surprises up my sleeve, and am going to be joined by some amazing, amazing pdx people. i’m really excited about it. i hope you are, too, portlanders! i’d love to see you before i leave rain and coffee behind for palm trees and pineapples.


* sweet poster by my new friend isaac reichenbach, elephant drawing by my old friend pip craighead. both talented gents.

Goodbye Portland! Love, Anniebeth

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