Costa Rica Snowbirdin’ and Cover Song Singin’

yes, friends. this is the face you make when you are departing from the city you love filled with people you treasure, as you drink your last northwest coffee from the people’s co-op and work your eyelashes rapidly like the wipers on your rain-kissed car, blinking away tears that aren’t sad, no no no, they’re happy ones.

life is so blessed, sometimes i can’t even believe it. to be able to live in a place where i feel loved and encouraged everyday, to be able to love and encourage in return, and to have tofu scrambles and vegan doughnuts at my every whim? it almost sounds like a fairy land where unicorns prance, doesn’t it?

’tis true: portland is amazing and i have left it. but costa rica is beautiful too, and i look forward to several months of mango eating and coconut sipping and warm wave riding and downward dogging and sunset-meditating and all in all breathing in sea air like the very elixir of life.

i’m going to miss the norhwest, and i’m going to miss the people in it, and i’m going to miss a lot of things that i won’t speak of because it’ll just make me miss them more and this isn’t a whiny type of blog now, is it? it’s a blog about music, right?

so here you go: weeks ago i recorded a song with my dear friend dave lowensohn for a friend’s wedding. it’s pretty darn neat, if i do say so myself. hope you enjoy. listen to it and hug the people you love, and dream of hugging me, if that’s a sort of dream you’ve been fancying. i’d be honored if it was.

p.s. click the link, silly.

Costa Rica Snowbirdin’ and Cover Song Singin’

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