Oh SNAP! : Melanoid

melanoidwhen it comes to music wooing me, i must admit to swooning over two specific things: beautiful vocals and interesting lyrics.

i don’t care if you’re channeling etta, if you’re singing about your umbrella i am hitting the snooze button. and i know some artists might be labeled as “genius” (cough-mr. dylan-cough), but if your voice doesn’t cause pleasant vibrations in my ear drums i will probably hate you for making the auditory mapping of my day less pretty.


that being said, i had to write about Melanoid, an OC band of melodic dreamyness fronted by John Hanson and his absurdly gorgeous voice. good lord, it’s like the vocal equivalent of putting peanut butter on your toast right when it comes out of the toaster and it makes it all warm and gooey. plus, he’s speaking about greater things than raingear. also, the arrangements on Melanoid’s debut album “Asleep in the Wake” are super exciting and interesting, thanks in part to Dallas Kruse at Zion studios, who just so happens to be producing my new record.

so i think everything’s going to be ok, friends. now go visit Johnny so you can add more music to your “delicious” section.

Oh SNAP! : Melanoid

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