Cover Song Sunday: Burnin’ Up (The Jonas Brothers)

you know, the other day i was pondering my contributions to society and to this world, and i realized that it’s often “take, take, take” on my end: “mom, i need almond milk for my granola!”, “dad, my car exploded into a pile of dust, help me fix it!”, “hey weird dude with the mullet, tell me where you got that sweet ‘No Fear’ t-shirt!”

etcetera and so forth.

so i decided it was time for me to give back. and what better way to do so than to record a cover song and post the video online for all the world’s pop-thirsty souls to watch and listen to? and what better day to do this than the lord’s day? and what better first song to record than an uber-emo rendition of the Jonas Brother’s “Burnin’ Up”?? it’s a wonder my brain didn’t self-combust from the sheer magic of singing a song with the word “lava” in it.

lastly, this song is dedicated to the kids at the Clark/Binsmead afterschool SUN program in Portland, Oregon, who taught me all i’ll ever need to know about HSM, Camp Rock, and the rest of the musical Disney mini-minnions. miss you guys! i’ll try to learn some hannah montana songs next.

Cover Song Sunday: Burnin’ Up (The Jonas Brothers)

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