i heart bloggers.

heart-1i must profess my love:  bloggers will always hold a special place in my heart.

maybe it’s because they treat their personal lives so vulnerable-like, putting it out there on the world wide webs for us so we can point at our computer screens and laugh out loud at work like idiots while coffee shoots out of our noses. or maybe it’s because, for artists, a music-loving blogger can give us a much needed ego boost when we’ve just googled our virtually unknown name for the 500th time like a meglomaniac, and something COOL actually comes up.

anyway. a really awesome music blog called “largehearted boy” posted a daily download of one of my songs! and it turns out it’s a live track recorded from the hotel cafe gig just a week ago (sidenote: post about loving people who record shows, coming soon). so, i played a show last week, someone taped it, and now a live version of that song is already floating through the mystical realms of cyberspace for any happy ears to stumble across. ain’t technology magical?


love in my heart,


i heart bloggers.

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