Portland Homecoming and Birthday Show!

i’m back!! in portland!!!!!!!!

can you tell by my excessive use of exclamation points that i am excited? well, i am.
and i am doubly excited to turn 28 this upcoming tuesday.
and i am thricely excited to have a show that day, to celebrate my return to the town-of-stump, and the beginning of my 29th year, and pretty much life and friends in general.

so if you’re in town, come hang out with me! i’ve got new and old songs, and new and old friends playing their songs, and there’ll be pizza (duh, it’s a pizza place) and beer (duh, it’s portland) and lots of cool people milling around, so don’t be the sad kid who finds out after the weekend that everyone went to a party that he forgot about. be there.

Portland Homecoming and Birthday Show!

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