Cover Song Sunday: You’ve Got a Friend (Carol King)

this cover song sunday video goes out to cindy b: a lady of many ideas and talents who, though not a member of the elite “nerdy air-head club” formed by my dad and brother and i back in the late 80’s (“mom’s not really ‘nerdy air-head material’,” as one devout club co-president stated), nonetheless filled my childhood days with fun, love, encouragement, arts n’ crafts, love, hugs, warm fuzzies, love, and kick-ass birthday parties. oh, and did i mention “love”?
happy mother’s day, mom!

* note: this song selection has absolutely NO connection to the fact that, for the formative music years of my life, my mom put on “Tapestry” every time she wanted us kids to join her for a marathon tidying session, causing my brother and i to wince at the sound of miss carol king’s tunes and refer to her disdainfully as “cleaning music.”

Cover Song Sunday: You’ve Got a Friend (Carol King)

One thought on “Cover Song Sunday: You’ve Got a Friend (Carol King)

  1. Your nice is quite nice. I was listening to the previews on the MUSIC tab and I was so in love with the “Birds” song. The Lord won’t relent on showing me birds these days, it’s getting quite funny…. I need your cd… itunes??????

    I want to hear the song that was about to be played after “Hallelujah”…. something about “not letting people love you” I am heading back to your sight to see if I can order some music… NICE>>>>

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