Covers of All Kinds

8-1i have a beloved friend. his name is barrett johnson and he writes the most tender music ever sung by a dude in cowboy plaid who looks like a 1920’s boxer

barrett likes doughnuts, coffee, old records, crosswords, and naps. he loses poorly at scrabble but he lets you take sips of his precious iced tea. he is both loving and prickly, kind of like that favorite childhood teddy bear that’s seen some wear. and i treasure and value his friendship greatly.

the other day we took naps at his house, followed by some song-singing amongst the bed-messied covers, and he snapped the picture seen here. a few days later we were hanging out late at night at zion, and he and dallas kruse recorded me singing a cover of “Creep” by Radiohead.

have a listen HERE
and remember: you ARE special. and you DO belong here.


Covers of All Kinds

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