New CD PRE-ORDER! and the AnnieBeth Brigade

videoHello Friends!
I am officially abandoning my typical “all-lowercase” writing style in order to write a professional, eager post about my music and my new CD that’s coming out in mid August/early September.

Let me cut to the chase: I am ridiculously excited about this new CD. Like, UBER excited. And I don’t use German words in common speech very frequently, so that should clarify the measure of my amped-ness over this album.

It is coming out AMAZINGLY.

I have been knocked out of my socks by the ways in which people have come forward to make these songs come together, they owe their very existence and color and life to Dallas Kruse, Barrett Johnson, and Dan Baker—without them there would BE no recordings. Let alone recordings of my songs with players from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on it. (Say what?? Yeah, seriously. I told you it’s ridiculous.)

Anyway, I am writing you because you’ve been a friend to me and a fan of my music in the past, and I’m asking for your help. I was blessed by the ridiculous faith and gifts of friends to get these songs recorded, and now I want to get these songs to you! I’m hereby initiating the beginning of the AnnieBeth Brigade, a group of people who want to get this music out there in the world. If you’re interested in helping, let me know! I am open to any and all suggestions you might have for me and my dream musical career. 🙂

Lastly, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the nature of how we give and receive, and realizing that as long as we give what we can, and receive what people want to give to us, we allow a beautiful cycle to take place, and everyone is taken care of. So I’ve decided to put a “donate” button on my website. My dream is for anyone who wants my music to have it. So go ahead and burn those cd’s of mine you have, give them to friends. Check out live recordings online, come see my shows for free if you’ve got nothing to put in the tip jar. And if somewhere down the line you have $5 to throw in my new online tip jar, go for it! Your gifts allows me to keep using mine, and hopefully other people are blessed by it, too.

More specifically for this CD, I’m doing a pre-order for all of those who told me “When is it coming out?? I want one NOW!!” If you put $20 or more in the online tip jar before July 31st, an autographed copy of the first pressings will be yours, sent to your door as soon as they are in my hot little hands. You’ll help me with the replication costs, PLUS I’m also going to e-mail sneak peeks and maybe some surprise versions of the songs to anybody who pre-orders, along with photos from the studio and fun insider info, so when everyone else gets their new Annie B. CD you could be the cool kid saying “Yeah, the orchestrated version if nice, but I really like the stripped down studio version of ‘November’ a lot, too….” It’s a WIN-WIN!

To Pre-Order click HERE!

So, that’s it, friends! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for all of the beautiful words and love you have given me over the past years of my musical endeavors. It has nourished and grown me, and the words in my heart and in my songs, more than you can even imagine.


p.s. FYI: it says “Donation” but it’s actually a payment, not a non-profit write off
(warning mentioned for my mom’s sake, who thinks the IRS will come after me…)

p.p.s. cool picture courtesy of Hunter Richards and David Eggerichs (check ’em out in my friends section!), from the music video we filmed on Tuesday. Yay!

New CD PRE-ORDER! and the AnnieBeth Brigade

3 thoughts on “New CD PRE-ORDER! and the AnnieBeth Brigade

  1. Hi Annie,

    I’m a designer from Sacramento, CA. I stumbled on some of your live recordings on the Internet Archive and really love your acoustic/folk sound. I downloaded a show from 2005 – Live at LeStats Coffee House, May 27th. I liked it so much I wanted to share it with some friends and on a blog I run. My blog is all bootlegs/unofficial releases – no commercial stuff. But being a designer I decided to create some artwork for the bootleg. I found photos of you on Flickr that were taken by Hunter Richards. I put it all together and would love for your blessings to share it!! If you would not like me to share it or use the photos, please let me know and I will remove the bootleg immediately. But please download it and give me your thoughts… maybe you could post it on your site as a FREE promo for your fans. I wish you much success with the new CD.

    You can visit my blog and see the bootleg I designed here:

    or you can just download it with either of these links:


    You can also view my online portfolio here:

    I’m always looking for design work, so let me know. 😉

    And please, let me know if you would like me to remove the bootleg, if so I’ll do it immediately.



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