FALL(ing in Love)

leavesI never had FALL (capital letters) growing up.

Southern California pretty much skips right over this season of pumpkin spice lattes and lung-brisk air and mosies straight into a half-hearted attempt at Seasonality that, let’s be honest, is slightly depressing in it’s haughty warm-and-sunnier than Thouness.

It’s not that sun and warmth aren’t nice, oh no, they are nice. And I loved growing up in a year-round temperate playground, laughing at the JC Penny ads with rosie-cheeked models frolicking through piles of colorful confetti leaves wearing turtlenecks, courderoy, and scarves, while my friends and I sweltered on porches in the afternoons of our first days of school, lounging in summer board shorts, licking rapidly melting popsicle, and debating about whose turn it was to wield the cooling spray of the garden hose. Yes, sun and warmth are nice.

But change is also nice, as I learned 2 years ago when I moved to Portland and experienced my very first FALL! (exclamation point). The trees weren’t just green! They were red! And Yellow! And Orange! And there were pumpkin patches and spiced ciders and hot drinks wafting of cinnamon and homes smelling like baked bread and mouth-watering soups and nights spent on porches with tea and friends and and and and…more.

So here I am again in my third FALL. Loving it, loving life, loving YOU. Honestly? It’s been a hard few months. But when you are surrounded by smiling faces who want to bake pumpkin muffins with you and knit and drink wine in front of a toasty fire, nothing can be all that bad, right?

So I have a fall present for you. It’s a song that my roommate Erica spoke of as such: “Did you know this song makes me love fall even MORE? It puts a little cardigan around my heart and the feeling of pumpkin bread pudding in mah belly.” It’s a Fall song about falling in love, or wanting to fall in love, and it’s called “November.” And it’s going to be on the new album coming out in a little over a month. And you can listen to it on my myspace page by clicking HERE.

Then, if you’re so inclined, you can RSVP to my CD release party that’ll happen Thursday, Dec. 10th at the Woods in Sellwood, and become my friend HERE

Lastly, I hate to break up this Seasonal Appreciation Fest by talking about my impeding departure, but I’ll be going back to Costa Rica after Christmas. And recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with the Daily Vanguard, who wrote a lovely article about my music and strange migratory patterns, and you can read it HERE

Happy Fall!

FALL(ing in Love)

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