Costa Rica Countdown and Cd Release!

Oh my friends–my dear, dear friends–the time is coming for me to bid adieu to this wondertown of coffee and vegan treats and bikeable roads. In just 11 days I will make my way to the magical land of coconuts and warm water waves, with brief respited stops along the family-and-friend-filled highway of California’s 5 freeway.

Before I go, I’d love it if you came to see me sing for one last time:

Yehaw! My album is finally coming out and I am SO excited! If you haven’t heard me blabbering about this for awhile and have no idea what i’m talking about, you can hear songs from the new album HERE. And if you are in or near PDX, I’d be so happy if you came to the CD release to hear me sing some songs and give me some hugs before I go.

And if you happen to be at various places along the 5 freeway, there just might be a show happening near you, too! Check it:
Dec 15th–Soho, Santa Barbara
Dec 18th–These Numbers Have Faces Benefit Concert, Fullerton
Dec 20th– Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles (FULL BAND!)
Dec 23rd– Lestat’s, San Diego
(As always, head to MYSPACE for more info on show details)

Annie B.

p.s. lovely flier by the ever-so talented Kristin Casaletto

Costa Rica Countdown and Cd Release!

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