CR #1

well friends, only two more years left till the world ends, so let’s enjoy it, shall we?

i completed the last day of 2009 thusly:
woke up in the early hours of the costa rican dawn, got a drink of water, came back to bed, found that sometime in the night i had happened to lay two gecko eggs. rubbed eyes. convinced myself i wasn’t turning into a gecko but rather a gecko had used my warm sleeping tropical body as a convenient inqubator. neat!

then i did some yoga, ate some papaya and banano, and went to “work.” and by work i mean playing in the warm surf catching waves and helping other people catch waves, then laughing and drinking rum and coke in a can(or “bamboo”) with the campers as our rickety bus made it back from the point break to our sweet little town of malpais.

then, i got fancy, which here in costa rica entails having my “city bangs” and wearing a slightly weathered beach skirt and some shell jewelry, and going out on the town with some friends to celebrate the dawning of 2010. we had dinner at a local fave cafe with champagne and a tower of more rum and coke (humorously called a “giraffa de ron y cola” or a “rum and coke giraffe) and some lovely food. i happened to know the guy there playing songs so he let me play a few on his classical guitar, fun! you haven’t lived as a musician until hundreds of drunk people cheer for you as you’re playing britney spears “hit me baby one more time” and the power goes out in the town, leaving everything in pitch black darkness. then some fireworks, a little bit of dancing, a countdown in espanol, and lots of cheeck kissing of course. there’s a lot of love in costa rica, amigos!

anyway, life is good. i love it here and am having a blast! my boss tierza has been kind enough to let me stay in her place while she’s gone and it’s high up on this gorgeous hill looking out over the town, surrounded by jungle on all sides! howler monkeys and roosters wake me up in the morning and the sweet hum of cicadas and frogs lull me to sleep at night. it’s lovely!

if you’re wondering what the heck i’m talking about and what the heck i’m doing in costa rica, you should check out to see my amazing “winter” (actually summer here) job. and then come join me!!

many blessings to you all for an incredible new year!!

p.s. come visit

CR #1

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