My Ridiculously Awesome Friends: Justin Zoradi

I’ve already talked about my friend Justin Zoradi on this blog: about the work he does with These Numbers Have Faces, about how hot is wife is, about how we met at an after-school program in Portland where he was wearing ironic hipster t-shirts and I was hitting children in the face with soccer balls (accidentally, of course).

A lot’s changed from those days when we were young and fancy-free, eating horrible cafeteria lunches and playing games with disgruntled youth. I’ve moved on to pursuing music full-time, and Justin’s work at TNHF has turned into a full-blown, vibrant, and growing MOVEMENT, one that is providing education for South African youth and empowering them to change the future of their country in a most wonderful way. 

Just like I said in my last post on JZ: I really can’t say enough good things about him, about his passion to help South Africa and about the wise, humble, effective way he is running a sustainable non-profit that is actually SEEING tangible evidence of it’s work.

And now, if that isn’t enough, he’s got a BLOG to inspire and encourage us. Check it out!

With all the non-profit drama going on lately, I’ve been thinking lots about Justin and the work he does to see and respond to the needs of people, to look beyond the numbers that can be so staggering. I know JZ would never feed into the gossip of “fallen heroes” or waste his time tearing down the attempts of people trying to make the world better. I’m sure he’d merely remember what he already knows, ignore the chatter, and continue to work slowly and steadily for the South Africa, and the people there, that he loves.

Let’s join him!


Annie B.

My Ridiculously Awesome Friends: Justin Zoradi

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