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“Annie Bethancourt puts on a show that explains the difference between raw talent and deft technique. Or, rather, she inhabits both.”
— Troy Johnson, Music Editor San Diego CityBeat

“…bluesy and raw. Her voice is angelic, and resonates the deep emotions in her songs. (she) has got a lot of talent on her lips and at her fingertips.”

“a lucid mixture of Joni Mitchell and Fiona Apple that goes from hushed whispers, operatic heights, and then coal-walking wails, all within the same song.”
–Seth Combs

Annie Bethancourt is a singer/songwriter with an arresting voice and a story to tell. The daughter of one-time traveling folk musicians, Bethancourt grew up memorizing all the lyrics to Paul Simon songs, singing little ditties into hand-held tape recorders, and playing the piano with her toothbrush.

From her very first release, 2002’s “The Garage Sessions,” she has been heralded as an angelic voice with “a lot of talent on her lips and at her fingertips.” Now splitting her time between the firs of Portland, Oregon and the palm trees of Costa Rica, Bethancourt lives a life of wanderlust, and her music is, just like her scenery, an ever changing mixture of people and places, strange scenarios, and quirky tales.

Sounding a bit like Joni Mitchell with a touch of Janis Joplin in her delivery, Bethancourt is influenced by a wide range of artists such as Elliot Smith, Ben Harper, Fiona Apple and Ryan Adams.

Her eclectic inspiration is evident in Bethancourt’s newest full-length release, Three Hundred Suns. Recorded with producer Dallas Kruse at Zion Studios in Santa Ana, the album’s lush orchestration, choir-filled choruses, and cheery handclaps bring to mind the vibrant tones of old musicals and the giddy warmth of sunny days.

The 29 year-old singer/songwriter performs with a raw mixture of vulnerability, humor, heart-ache and longing that caused San Diego City Beat music editor Troy Johnson to proclaim, “Annie Bethancourt puts on a show that explains the difference between raw talent and deft technique. Or, rather, she inhabits both.”

Portlanders and Lilith Fair organizers agree that Bethancourt has talent, voting her into top position of the OurStage Lilith Talent Competition. As the winner, Bethancourt will perform on Lilith’s Village Stage alongside other emerging artists, as well as some of her musical heroines on July 2nd. This is one rising artist you want to see now!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Annie:

    when will you be back in San Diego?

    We would like to host you here at Nature’s Express (formerly Kung food)

    Please let us know!

    Mitch, for
    Nature’s Express
    (619) 550-1818

  2. TNR says:

    I would sure be sweet if you published your personal email address so that I could write you love letters. However, if this is anything like my website you don´t even read the posts. Looking forward to hearing the new song! TNR

  3. sas says:

    Hi anniebeth

    I suddenly got a hinch of your website and heard your music
    Really lovely and now I am looking for a CD to have and share more people.
    Is it possible to get one?
    I am from Holland, so maybe it would be to expensive, but you also can mail the tracks.
    I really want to share your music, really nice to hear!!
    Hope you will contact.

  4. jim compton-schmidt says:

    this is reeeally strange…i was just fooling around and typed my wife’s e-mail address into the search engine and i came up with your site…

    the strange part is that annie and i are both d.j.’s on a local radio station – kfcf 88.1 fm, fresno, ca…she does world music and i do jazz….and boom there you are as a vocal artist…now i have doubts that you fit into either of our formats…(i do spend some time with the blues but my real interest is with straight ahead jazz…the american song book approach….but i thought it might be fun to write you and see if you ever send out air play copies of your music to radio d.j’s to see if they would play them….if so you can send a c.d. of your music to:

    jim compton-schmidt, kfcf 88.1fm
    2890 huntington blvd. #134
    fresno, ca 93721


  5. Molly says:

    So I randomly came across your page…I am in San Diego, did the USD thing and have spent many months in Costa Rica….just trying to get the guts now with my husband, to leave Point Loma and move to Costa Rica. I love your voice! I love your story! I need to get your songs into my mp3 so I can listen to you while I work.
    PS My sister is Annie!

  6. Shawnee says:

    I was at Antioch this morning and asked about ordering CDs online…I’d love to purchase the two that were available there. I also want to make sure to but something with the song you did this morning. Other than pre-ordering the newest one, I haven’t found where to purchase your music. If you’d please respond, I would appreciate it.
    Your music is wonderful and rare…loved it!

  7. Pam Berg says:

    Hi Annie,

    I have been listening to your cd since it’s arrival! I would like to buy my own copy as I’m certain, Kim is not going to give hers up!

    I cannot figure out how to order. Would you be so kind and assist me? I could even order one from you Mom if it would be easier.
    Thank you, Annie! Good luck on your sales.

    Pam Berg

  8. MB Becker says:

    I first heard Annie about a year ago singing “November” on NPR. I’m so glad I found this website! Hopefully you’ll get to come to Omaha sometime soon…

  9. Sue and Irene says:

    Hi, Annie!
    Wanted to tell you that we absolutely LOVE the CD! Thank you for sharing it with us via Ari. We also were so thrilled to see you here in Lake County. Thank you for taking time to visit. We want to buy and share your CD with others. We played it for Ari’s grandma (Doe Doe) and she said she really enjoyed it, too.
    Wishing you well. So glad the girls got to see you at Lilith Fair. Our turn next time!
    Sue and Irene

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