Cover Song Sunday

Awhile back I was doing this thing called “Cover Song Sunday” where I tried to release a new video of a cover song every Sunday. Sadly, life got really busy (read: I got sucked into the Hunger Games) and haven’t posted in many moons.

But fear not, my friends! I love to sing for you all, even when “merely” through the means of the wonderful world wide web, and I’m gonna try this thing again! This kick-off week includes special guest Hannah Glavor, whose wonderful and lovely and beautiful and magical CD is now available on BANDCAMP



Cover Song Sunday

My Ridiculously Talented Friends: Doug Jones

When I was a kid my cousin Dougie was one of my favorite relatives, due largely to the fact that he is fun, hilarious, gives great hugs, and, let’s face it, made me realize that long, gangly arms and legs are COOL.

Thankfully I have grown into my own lanky appendages, but Dougie has done even more: creating a career for himself as a versatile actor who is one of Hollywood’s most appreciated and lauded mimic-ers, oftentimes wearing pounds of makeup and still delivering performances with subtle nuance and finesse.

You might have seen him as the Silver Surfer (The Silver Surfer), Abe Sapian (Hellboy, Hellboy 2), in numerous Sci-Fi roles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Doom, and as pretty much ALL of the super-awesome/scary characters in Pan’s Labyrinth.

(Oh snap. Here come the nightmares)

Now unstoppable Doug Jones has gone back to his mime roots to release “Mime Very Own Book,” a tongue-in-cheek coffee table creation put together with the talents of Scott Allen Perry, Adam Mock, and photographer Eric Curtis.

You can buy it on Amazon, so Ch-Ch-Ch-eck it out!

And, just for fun, here’s a “Retarded Policeman” video with Dougie and Josh ‘The Ponceman’ Perry (who also did the forward for Dougie’s book). Like Doug always says: There’s Love!

My Ridiculously Talented Friends: Doug Jones


Hey Friends! I’m making a new CD!

After working with Dallas Kruse and the Zion Studios famile in Santa Ana last year I realized I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to make an album with…so we’re doing it again!

Our goal is to raise funds on Kickstarter to make all this music-y stuff possible, and I think we can do it with your help! Every pledge gets somethin’ cool, from pre-release downloads to hand-made postcards to cover song video dedications to lunches with the Zion clan! Every little bit can help us to make this album incredible.

Ch-Ch-Check it out by clicking HERE!


The Merry Plaidsters Sing About Hussies

Hannah Glavor is my friend. She has a voice that melts into your soul like butter on popcorn, or butter on corn on the cob, or butter on fresh biscuits, or pretty much anything else that butter tastes so frickin’ delicious on (um…everything?). She came to my house to sing my with me in my kitchen. We both wore plaid, because this is a country song. We were a little bit silly at first, but then we got serious. Because this song is serious. Seriously. (Lies, it’s actually kind of tongue in cheek. Because, just so you know, Hannah is not actually a hussy). Listen and enjoy! And check out more Hannah HERE and support her first album!
xoxo, Annie

The Merry Plaidsters Sing About Hussies